Why it is important to you?

Antibiotic resistance is one of the major public health problems especially in developing countries where relatively easy availability and higher consumption of medicines have lead to disproportionately higher incidence of inappropriate use of antibiotics and greater levels of resistance and due to this most of the currently used antibiotics are becoming ineffective.

New molecular research in the areas of antibiotics is time taking and costly proposition and not many companies are currently focusing on new drug development program and the result is dried antibiotics pipeline. This has lead to the shortfall in the availability of antibiotics for treating infections caused by resistant bacteria.

What Is Antibiotic Police?

The term policing give a literal meaning of controlling law & order. Similarly Antibiotic Police is a person who will be responsible for spreading awareness for the use and abuse of antibiotics in humans, animals and agriculture. Take pledge to become Antibiotic Police and do your bit to combat global threat of Antibiotic Resistance .

(Source : Uppsala University and FutureLearn)