We are committed to tackle antibiotic resistance by
preserving the life of existing antibiotics


  • Promoting research in the areas of Antibiotic Resistance Breaker (ARB) as an orthogonal strategy complimentary to new antibiotic discovery
  • Awareness on antibiotic use and abuse through Awareness Week on Antibiotic Knowledge and Education (AWAKE)
  • Platform for knowledge sharing amongst all stakeholders
  • Platform Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Partnering with various organisations across the globe to raise strong voice against antibiotic abuse

Hospital acquired Infections Management Program

We are on a mission to promote excellence in hospital practices by educating society and health care personnels to reduce the prevalence of Hospital Acquired Infections

Antibiotic resistance breakers

ARB’s are non antibiotic compounds that in combination with antibiotics enhance the antibacterial activity of the antibiotics

  • Alternative approach to novel antibiotic drug development
  • Working with known molecule with proven safety
  • Lesser Research Time
  • Relatively Lower Cost

AMR Surveillance Portal

A comprehensive software system for pan-India AMR surveillance program

Implemented through a vast network across 15 states, 250 districts through 150 centers including various Healthcare Institutions/Hospitals/Research Centers

Health Sanitation and Hygiene Awareness Program

This program focuses on health, sanitation and hygiene awareness in general public, school and colleges